If you're a power user when it comes to computers then you should already have the basics mastered. If you don't know how to do something with your computer, then you know how to find out. You hold knowledge and experience that can help others just like I am seeking to do, but nobody knows everything. It is for that reason that I have a few articles devoted to some more advanced computer topics that I have experience in. There are only a small number for each category here to give you a taste because any new topics I think of will be posted about in the Blog portion of this site. Check there for more advice and discussion.

If you're a software developer, whether it be Linux apps, web sites, or SQL databases, then I have some stuff to talk to you about in those areas. I don't have a mass of experience to unleash at your feet yet, but every day I am learning more and some of that knowledge would probably be valuable to you. After all, two degrees in Computer Science from UCLA, three years of professional development, and a bunch of personal growth projects (including this site) have got to be worth something.