As a professional software developer, I am always seeking to optimize my coding skills. I want to learn about the latest technologies and be aware of what is most popular in the market so as to get the most output for the least effort. I believe in quality software and good design and putting forth the time to make both a part of every task I do. When I talk with other software developers, I learn a lot from their experiences that I can apply to future tasks and it helps me grow as an engineer. That is why I am passing on some of my experiences and philosophies to you in this site. You can see more topics related to development in the Blog, but I would also really like to hear about your experiences so that others can learn from them as well. Please contact me if you have some experience or knowledge you would like to pass on to others to help them in their programming careers.

What follows are three articles that I have tried to keep short, but detailed, about seeking side project work on Craigslist, the importance of generic design with software, and my experience with being choosey when I select which clients to work with for side projects. Click here to read the first article.