Have you ever misplaced a file? You put it somewhere and you think you know where it is, but when you return to that folder it's not there. How many clicks does it take you to open up a document that you view frequently? If it's more than two, you are wasting precious time. Is your Desktop completely cluttered with icons? If you have a wallpaper image, can you even see it anymore under all of those shortcuts?

Depending on how you organize your files, you might be experiencing a great deal of lost time due to inefficiency. If your files aren't centrally located and structured properly in a tree then it can take a long time to locate them. Proper organization speeds up the use of your computer because it allows for the things you use most to be at your fingertips in the shortest time possible. This section explains the organizational practices I have adopted to make getting around my computer a lot easier. You are encouraged to take the suggestions and mold them to fit your usage best. Click here to get started.