Google is great. They are taking over the world bit by bit. What started out with a search engine has quickly become a company with a lot more than just search. They have created web-based calendars, word processing, spreadsheet, and power point applications, a new OS for mobile phones, not to mention their X-Prize initiative which funds independent groups to travel to space and accomplish certain important technological tasks.

For most people, the search engine is still the greatest feature of Google’s domain, and understandably so. If there is something you are seeking...information, a product you want to buy, a map, etc...just type in the keywords that describe what you are looking for and begin the refinement process. For most searches, if they are clear enough, your desired results should be made available on the first try. If not, try modifying the terms and adjust based on the types of results you get next.

A quick tip to try involves using the tilde character (~) next to a word to enable search for synonyms. For example, rather than searching for "juggling tips", "juggling tricks", "juggling tutorials", and such, you can search for "juggling ~tips". Google will consider all synonyms for "tips" in its search and give you the most relevant entries across the board. In my book, I walk through a number of the most frequently used types of searches with specific examples and provide some special techniques for increasing the odds of getting the info you want faster. Searching is a skill and requires practice to become really proficient, so the more you use Google the better you will be at coming up with better queries sooner. Keep at it.