My book lists around thirty different keyboard shortcuts and describes what they do. It also specifies the ones that I feel are the most important in helping to speed up your computer use and navigation. Here are some to give you a taste (NOTE: whenever the + sign is used it means you push the keys at the same time to use them. This means holding Ctrl first and then clicking the other key in the combination to execute the action):

  • Ctrl + C – Copy the selected content
  • Ctrl + X – Cut the selected content
  • Ctrl + V – Paste the copied or cut content
  • Alt + Tab – Switch between running windows (hold Shift while using this combo to switch windows in the other direction)
  • Ctrl + S – Save the file in whatever program you are running (doesn’t work for everything, but most everything)
  • Windows + M – Minimize all of the Windows you have up on your screen (hold Shift while using this combo to bring the minimized windows back up)

If you master these keyboard shortcuts you will be able to greatly increase your speed because you won’t have to constantly switch between using the mouse and the keyboard. Your mouse has a few tricks up its sleeve, too. If you have a scroll wheel, you can hold Ctrl while scrolling up or down in programs like Firefox and Word to zoom in and out. If you click on a link with the mouse wheel while viewing a webpage in Firefox, it will automatically open the link in a new tab or window (depending on how you have it configured).

Also, if you want to copy or move files in Windows Explorer, you can select them by holding Ctrl and clicking on each one (or hold Shift and select the start and ending files in a sequence) and then drag the files with the Right mouse button to their destination. When you let go, a context menu will pop up asking if you want to Copy the files or Move them, or Cancel. Usually, if you use the Left mouse button to drag files, they will be moved by default. To copy them, you would have to select the files, push Ctrl + C or Right click on them and select Copy, and then click the destination and push Ctrl + V or Right click and select Paste to do the equivalent. See how this trick will help save you a lot of time? I highly recommend you learn as many keyboard shortcuts as possible if you want to really speed up your computer use.