In this area of the website you can find additional resources to help you out with your computer use. These resources will allow you to get real time assistance with whatever problems you are facing, share your knowledge with others who are struggling, discuss all topics of computer use and software development with other members of the community, and so much more. Below are brief descriptions of the services we offer, so jump in and become part of the community!

  • Chat Rooms - We have a set of public chat rooms for all of the main categories of computer use covered by this website (such as Security, Maintenance, and Web Development). We also have a private chat room for one on one support that you can purchase here.
  • Purchase Support - If you need professional assistance with your computer, software development, or need custom instruction you can purchase support direct from the site's creator. Methods of support include private chat using the chat room here or any standard instant messaging client, phone calls, remote connection services (like Remote Desktop and LogMeIn), and in person assistance if you are nearby. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Products - This is a list of products we have created to help you become a master of your computer as well as any other products we highly recommend you invest in to aid your computer use.
  • Other Support Providers - A list of other vendors and service providers we have checked out and support who might be more local to you. The names on this list have only been added after thoroughly verifying their abilities and legitimacy. They are guaranteed to provide you the services you need with excellent quality, promptness, and honesty. If you should have trouble with any of the members on this list, please contact us so we can address your concerns.
  • Login - If you want to become part of our community or have purchased any of our products, you can log in to get special access to members-only resources and discounts on this site. If you are already a member, sign in here.