Computer Zen:

A Journey to Better Computing

By Jason Karuza

Computer Zen: A Journey to Better Computing is a collection of computer-based topics presented in a straight-forward manner for the betterment of the average user. In this book, Jason Karuza combines all of the knowledge he has learned from years of computer use, study of software development, and assisting various computer users, to solve some of the greatest pitfalls faced by the vast majority of people today.

Here, you can view a preview of the book with the table of contents and the first page or two of each chapter to get a taste of what lies within. Each subject is discussed in depth with descriptions, images, lists of steps to follow, and clear details regarding how to master the topic.

Jason is so sure that you will gain a great deal of valuable knowledge from this book that he personally guarantees your money back if you contact him within 30 days of purchase and tell him you don't feel you have learned anything valuable from reading. Take a look at some reader testimonials if you have any doubts.

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